Common Questions

Why do people turn to substance abuse? 

We are neurobiologically wired to have intimate and close connections. When we are hurting and turn to self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse it is often linked to feeling disconnected from the most important people in our lives. We replace those connections with substances that affect our brain chemistry in ways that lead to abuse often ending in addiction. 

Why I am stuck in this pattern of hurt? 

It is often said that repeating the same behaviors and expecting different outcomes is the definition of insanity. Individuals and families have the power to change their frameworks thus changing behavioral patterns that prevent individuals from healing, whether mentally or physically. 

I don’t know how to help my loved one. What can I do? 

Nothing hurts more than watching our loved one suffer from feelings of despair, hopelessness and helplessness. Using the power of love, clear and direct communications, compassion and our proven consultative approach to care, we help individuals and families equip themselves with the tools and resources aimed at changing destructive patterns and working towards positive and healing change. 

How can I stop these negative feelings from taking over? 

Oftentimes, the chemistry in our brains prevent us from focusing on positivity and healing. I work with individuals and families to assess the feelings and life events that have led them to this ‘hopeless|helpless’ state and to work through true and lasting change. 

My loved one doesn’t see there is a problem, what can I do? 

The unfortunate truth is that those with mental health or substance abuse problems are often in denial that a problem even exists. Families or loved ones have options, ranging from assisting the affected individual in voluntarily accepting and committing to obtaining care, or tapping into existing laws to intervene and commit the individual into a care program. Please refer to Specialized Services – Legal Intervention for additional information. 


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