Media Interviews

Below please find different interviews that I have particpated in.

Ana Moreno talks about Mental Health Issues on La Poderosa Radio (August, 2014)
Depression and Suicide: Robin Williams

USA Hispanic Magazine: El Consumo de alcohol y drogas entre los adolescentes.

FOX news Online: Cutting and Self-Harm

Revista Semana: Ninfomanía

Shape Magazine: Depression in kids aged 11 -17 (May 2014)

Why Marijuana Should not be Legal 

Local 10 News, Miami, FL:
Heroine Epidemic Underway in South Florida

Univision Canal 23, Miami, FL

Miami Herald: Mariajuana is legal in some states, but it is not right:

El Nuevo Herald: El error de legalizar la marihuana:

Univision Radio (National Radio Show):
Enero 2014: Los peligros de la marihuana
Febrero: Comentario sobre la muerte de Philip Seymore Hoffman y la heroina.
Abril: Marihuana como medicina

Otras entrevistas:
CNN International Español: Programa de Cala - discutiendo la muerte de Whitney Houston

WSVN Miami, FL
Dangers in our own homes: Prescription Drug Abuse

Yahoo! Español:
Rechazo en Facebook. Por Que Deule Tanto?

ABC: Diario de Paraguay
Articlo sober adiccion:

Yahoo! article: How to help your kids succeed.

Published in The Journal of Adolescent Health: Synthetic Cannabinoid Use: A Case Series of Adolescents

Current projects include talking to all of the high school students attending Gulliver Prepatory School (both campuses) and Miami Country Day School. 
Parents also have meetings to discuess the adolescnt and young adult substance use treands and what you can do as a parent.

I have been fortunate enough to have been featured as an expert on various sources of media:

  • CNN: Cala Show: Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • ABC Local 10: How to Speak to your Kids: Sandy Hook, CT School Shooting
  • WGEA Channel 8: Analysis of Sandy Hook Shooting 
  • CBS: UTRA Fest (2013): Dangers of Ecstsy and Mollies
  • Telemundo: Buenos Dias Miami: Peligros con el consumo de Ecstasy en el concierto de ULTA Fest (2013)
  • Telemundo (2017): Suicidio / Homicidio; Abuso del Coricidin 
  • Univision Radio: Zona Politica con Helen Aguirre Ferre:
    - Porque la Marihuana no debe ser legalizada
  • - ADD/ADHD (trastornos de la atencion) y medicamentos
    - La mente de Ariel Castro, el que sequestro a tres mujeres en Ohio por 10 años
    - Comentario sobre la muerte de Philip Seymore Hoffman y la heroina
  • MegaTV: Ahora con Oscar Haza: Santa Monica Shooting: John Zawahri and Dangers of Exstacy;
  • Mega TV: Ahora con Oscar Haza: (2017): Peligros y muertes relacionadios a los opiacios. 
  • WSVN 7: Parent to Parent: Dangers in the Medicine Cabinet
  • CBS: Coriciden Abuse
  • CBS: Spice Inscense Abuse
  • NBC: Spice Incense Abuse
  • Radio WDNA FM
  • Radio Paz AM
  • Radio Caracol FM
  • Univision TV
  • Tele-Miami
  • Channel 23
  • Life & Style Magazine: numerous articles related to mental health and substance abuse
  • Informed Families: Parenting Workshops in Key Biscayne
  • International Conference for Crime Prevention
  • Red Ribbon Drug Prevention Campaign (guest speaker at middle and high schools in Miami-Dade County -- last 6 years)
  • Self-Esteem Workshop for Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Miami, FL
  • Presentation to Middle and High School students of Westminster Christian.
  • Presentation to Miami Country Day - upper school
  • Presentation and 3 day workshop for Palmer Trinity High School Students and their parents
  • Educated parents of Middle and High Schools Students of Westminster Christian School, Palmetto Bay, Fl.

Ms. Moreno has also been an international guest speaker in Paraguay (Septemeber 2012) where she spoke at numerous high schools and to parents about the dangers of alcohol and drug use amongst the youth.

May 2013: Ms. Moreno returned to Paraguay to speak at more schools and to more parents. Part of this trip included two presentations to professionals in the community on how to best intervene with a loved one that may have a substance abuse problem and What works in Treatment.

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