In-Person And Online, Therapy, Family Intervention, Substance Abuse Intervention And Therapeutic Placement In South Miami, FL

Diverse service offerings are available in individual and family or group settings, in person at our South Miami offices, or online. We offer telehealth options to meet the needs of both local and international clients. Services include, but are not limited to: 

⦁ Clinical Therapy | Clinical therapy is available for individuals and families suffering from the ramifications of addiction and mental health issues. Taking a specialized, focused approach to healing I work with individuals and their loved ones in breaking the cycle of pain to find and commit to a path of healing the whole self. 

⦁ Therapeutic Consulting | Confronting a loved one’s disease in order to help the individual includes a comprehensive approach for finding the best treatment options available to help the individual and family through the recovery process. The ultimate goal is to change patterns of destructive thoughts and behaviors with health and happiness for all those affected as a top priority of care. 

The ultimate goal of any program is to help encourage the individual to face their problem, move away from denial and into acceptance of the problem and the best method of treatment for the same. 

⦁ Interventions | When an individual’s patterns of behavior reach a breaking point, including self-destructive cycles of drug and/or alcohol use, it is often best to employ a drug or mental health intervention that leads to their placement in residential treatment program. Residential programs vary, ranging from boarding and educational therapeutic programs to wilderness programs or therapeutic boarding schools. While interventions often help individuals accept their illness and willingly participate in participating, there are often times where we must employ legal or other means of achieving this awareness and acceptance into a program. I work with families every step of the way so that together we can ensure the best method of care and healing for those affected. 

It’s important to note that an intervention is not a one-time event. The process often takes a six-month period of treatment with healing as the key focus and most important outcome. The family works together throughout this process, which includes intervention preparation, execution, and engagement throughout the entire cycle. Everyone commits to education and treatment in order to focus on helping the affected individual throughout and beyond their healing and recovery journey.

 Specialized Services 
⦁ Telehealth 
⦁ Family Counseling and Parenting Support
⦁ Concierge Crisis and Case Management
⦁ Substance and Mental Health Evaluations
⦁ Therapeutic Placement
⦁ Involuntary Commitment | Marchman Act
⦁ Aftercare Planning
⦁ Recovery Coaching and Monitoring
⦁ Educational and Professional Development Workshops
⦁ Media and Public Speaking Events

Resources are offered both directly and by engaging a wide network of mental health and addiction professionals to ensure client and families reach their goals and are able to sustain the behaviors that lead to said success. The focus is in the complete cycle of healing, from inception through maintenance and after care. My areas of expertise include the following: 

⦁ Substance abuse and addiction
⦁ Teen and Young Adult Issues and Self-Care
⦁ Family Therapy 
⦁ Parent-Teen Relationship Dynamics
⦁ Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, and Esteem Issues
⦁ Effective Parenting 
⦁ Overcoming Codependency
⦁ Substance Abuse Interventions, including legal options for client engagements
⦁ Workshops, Presentations and Public Speaking  

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