Workshops and Approaches to Care

I have had the privilege of working with a variety of therapeutic programs, educational institutions, and professional partners throughout my career in mental health. Raising mental health awareness and education in our community and beyond continues to be one of my most important professional goals. 

Educational Awareness and Custom Workshops
Custom program development began years ago, through Informed Families and Red Ribbon Week, and since then have expanded to include a wide range of mental health, well-being, and awareness topics. I work closely with educators and professional clients in determining needs, designing engaging and insightful presentations or workshops, and employing my expert facilitation skills in delivering the same. I work closely with professional organizations, schools, parents and the community at large with educational or other engagements. All lectures and workshops are strategically targeted for the specific needs of the audience. 

High School and University Engagements for students, families, and educators include: 

⦁ JUULing and Vaping
⦁ You are Worthy Because YOU ARE
⦁ Marijuana | Weeding out Fact from Fiction
⦁ Social Media Safety in the Digital Age
⦁ The Process of Addiction
⦁ Living in a Digital World during COVID 

Clients include the University of Miami, Florida International University, The City of Key Biscayne, First Responders of Mississippi & the Mississippi Nurses Association, Palmer Trinity Middle and High School, Carrollton Schoold of the Sacred Heart Middle and High School, Miami Beach Senior High, Westminster Cristian Middle and High School, and other public and private schools in the tri-county area.  

International engagement topics include the following:

⦁ Protocols for addiction interventions and treatment in adolescents and their families. 
⦁ Maintaining the Safety of our Children
⦁ Factors Leading to Addiction
⦁ Understanding Treatment
⦁ Adolescents and Substance Abuse

Professional Workshops and Speaking Engagements include the following: 

⦁ Spirituality in Recovery
⦁ The Grief Process after the Loss of a Loved One Due to Overdose
⦁ The Power of Connection
⦁ Three Day Substance Abuse Education Deep Dive
⦁ Out of the Shadow of Shame
⦁ ARISE 3-day Comprehensive Care with Intervention

Clients included the participants of the Hospice National Conference, Christy Journey Church, The City of Key Biscayne, among others. 

Professional Partner Program engagements include Daring Greatly in the Process of Recovery and the Daring Way, based on the work of Brene Brown; Certification in the Arise Comprehensive Care programs; Board Certification as a Clinical Supervisor. 

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